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using org-mode now
why I switched from wordpress to org-mode :)

Table of Contents

1. Why I started to switch from wordpress to org-mode

For a very long time this site has been a wordpress site. I used wordpress alot, since I started with it, long time ago and I was still feeling happy with it. It was easy to setup and easy to maintain. So there was no need for me to switch to anything new.

But then - as things usally go - my site got pwned by a simple miner. This happened because I updated too late.

Even though, I just said "it's easy to maintain", it only needs a short time like beeing two or three days too late for gettin' pwned anyway.

So I decided to use this to try and switch to something lighter. I use the terminal a lot so something I could control from my shell would seem perfect for me. As an emacs user, I knew about the capabilites of the mighty org-mode, and gave it a try. Since org-mode works with text only files in my non-X emacs - it really feels like beeing made for me :>

1.1. Wordpress isn't so bad

I don't want to discourrage you using wordpress. I still use it on other projects and I'd still recommend it to someone new to website hosting. It's really easy to use. But even though it's unfortunately rather easy to misuse, too. So you won't get away without reading the fscking manual, anyway :D

1.2. What org-mode provides

Org-mode gives me much more than I need. But for me the best thing is: I can use it from the terminal. Without starting a X-server or anything like that.

That's wonderful :>

1.3. How easy it is to publish something new

If you set up org-publish right you can configure it to your special needs and deploy your website the way you like. May it be by pushing to a git repo and running a ci pipeline afterwards or even copying the static files just by scp. The org-mode is so configurable, that the will be no need left behind :)

2. Conclusion

If you are using emacs and org-mode anyway: using it to publish websites may be perfect for you. If you are new to emacs or the org-mode or even to websites in the first place - you will find much easier ways to get started ;) Though if you feel like beein hardcore and want it the hard way - just go on using emacs without any x-server and delpoy your webistes via org-publish :D

Date: 2021-08-01 So 13:37